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8 Solid Senior Buck 2017 Holland Lop Nationals 16 Solid Senior Buck 2017 ARBA Convention Teddy is such a handsome buck with excellent type and mass. I do wish he had better crown placement and definition, but he does. Holland Lop Bunnies and Rabbits All our baby bunnies will be able to go to their new homes at the age of 8 weeks old when they have been weaned from their mothers, are eating solid food and hay and they have proven themselves to.

Holland Lop Breed History/Origin Not all rabbit breeds made it into this world naturally. Some were created with the help of careful breeders who wanted to ensure that their clients got the best bunnies that money could buy. The. hi, I just got a broken chocolate buck holland lop, now I am wondering what to breed him with? I have a broken blue doe, i know shouldnt breed broken with broken, i have a harlequin doe, maybe wait till find solid color doe? what. Ruby Eyed White Holland Lop Buck Red Mini Plush Lop Buck Solid Black Mini Plush Lop Buck These guys are just tiny, they look bigger at eye level. Jump to. Need help deciding what color Holland Lop bunny you want? Pictured are the Holland Lop rabbit colors that we have worked with. Some bunny colors are pretty rare and aren't as developed as the more common colors such as tort.

Holland Lop Bucks Current herd bucks. Grand Champion Lap Lop's Paxton Paxton is a senior broken blue tort buck. He is a very nice buck with a wide face and good crown placement. He was the 4th broken senior buck at the. Our Holland Lop bucks from Grand Champion lines Here are our beautiful Holland herd sires. These rabbits are not for sale, but some of their babies may be on. Blue Holland Lop buck named Lol's Bane. This baby with the.

Best In ShowEDGE Holland Lop Broken Sr.Buck Reserve In Show WAKA French Lop Solid Sr.Buck Best Junior In Show CSVN holland Lop Jr.Doe American Fuzzy Lop7rabbits 5exhibitors BOB K2 Solid Sr. Buck BOSB . Gorgeous Holland lop buck from Luv Lops in Montana. He is a wonderful buck who has shown v Georgetown, Kentucky » Holland Lops $250 Holland Lops - Transport available to Cincinnati, OH 11/23 [tashianicole] I have one $40.

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Holland lop buck rehoming $40 [sftblplaya66] we are rehoming a holland lop buck $40. He is super sweet and has been a great dad to our Stafford, Virginia » Holland Lops $40.00 Holland Lop babies $50 [sftblplaya66] I have two ]. Holland Lops and Mini Rex Rabbits for sale in southeastern Louisiana. We strive to raise quality Holland Lops and Mini Rex Rabbits. 985-665-7817 Kraemer's Cajun Bunnies Holland Lop Bucks Holland Lop Does Mini Rex Bucks. Colleen is a purebred blue eyed white holland lop doe baby for sale!! She is 9 weeks old a Dallas, Pennsylvania » Holland Lops. Proven Tortoise buck, just over a year old and just under 3 lbs. Lines are primarily Jen Pittston. holland lop buck [dreweshollands] Super cute boy that is about two years old and would be an absolutely amazing pet super ca Plain City, Ohio » Holland Lops $45.00 Harlequin Holland Lop Doe [] Harley is fully pedigreed $150 [ ]. 14 week old tort Holland lop buck bunny very he is getting more blue as he gets older he Zanesville, Ohio » Holland Lops $40.00 Pedigreed Holland Lop doe for sale [dandlmeadows] Adorable lil Holland Lop doe for sale. She is a 1.

Purebred Holland Lop Baby: Sweet & Friendly, Has Begun Litter Training Birthday: 7/24/19 Ready to go home: 9/19/19 Pick up in Galloway, NJ 08205No Shipping on Bunnies. Be sure to. Pride N Joy Rabbitry - Holland Lop Bucks - Small Rabbitry in Southern Indiana. Quality Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops & Mini Satins for show. Broken Blue Holland lop Buck 2 Grand Champion Legs LL Finn X Karrot Kreek's. Bunny care advice for first-time Holland Lop pet bunny owners. Discover what to feed your Holland Lop bunny, types of rabbit cages, and all the supplies you'll need to keep your bunny safe and happy!

Twin Barn's Bosley Sr Buck Hugh X LL's Raina Produces upright Hollands but I wish he had more mass. 3 BOB Open, 1 BOS 40th out of 99 at ARBA 2013 Hip Hop Holland Lop's Hugh Broken Sr Buck 41 Grand Champion Legs. Thor was only 4 months old when he took Best of Breed under Alan Ormond, Rosa Feilds and Donyelle Schultz beating over 360 Holland Lops at the 2014 ARBA National Convention!

another HOLLAND LOP Buck very good body and head set nice type For Sale Page Broken orange For sale 35.00 For sale 35.00 Brood Doe Page. Solid Orange Holland Lop Buck Pedigree From Narrow Gate Farm Very nice boy - available to good home. Would make great herd addition proven breeder or good house. Broken Frosty Doe Female NGF 209 DOB: 2/28/10 NGF. Holland Lop Buck Boy 3 0 out of 5 0 reviews $ 125.00 $ 100.00 Purebred Orange Holland Lop Ready to go home 1-21-18 Adopt Now 20% Adopt Now Holland Lop Buck Boy 2 $ 125.00 $ 100.00 0 out of 5 0 reviews 0 out of.

Tri Color Lion-Lop Buck. White, Brown, and Grey 50% Purebred Holland lop, 50% Purebred Lion-Head. Orange Holland Lop Buck out of SBB's Boo and Wren's Lolly. We've nicknamed him 'Tiger' because he has a black mark on his forehead and two black stripes on his right side. Born March 5, and ready for his new home on April.

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